Discovering Last Seduxxion: A Groundbreaking Webnovel on Neovel

Launched on Neovel on January 31, 2024, Last Seduxxion is an innovative webnovel brought to life by an international team led creatively by Stephan BOSCHAT. Written by Charlie GUENDIJAN, this novel provides an engaging exploration into the nuances of modern-day seduction. Synopsis Last Seduxxion follows Sarah, a charismatic student at an elite university. Renowned for […]

Unveiling Zeitnot: A Strategic Play on Neovel

Zeitnot is a cleverly crafted webnovel that intricately weaves the themes of chess into a teenage drama filled with romance, ambition, and the dilemmas of loyalty. Orchestrated by Edmond TOURRIOL and penned by Talia TOURRIOL, with literary oversight by Angélique DAMMEKENS and attentive proofreading by Laura QUENSON, this story is set to captivate a broad […]

Exploring the Enchanting World of Gloria and the Spurls

In the captivating webnovel Gloria and the Spurls, available on Neovel since its early 2024 release, readers are drawn into a beautifully crafted narrative that blends contemporary romance and slice-of-life realism with a touch of fantasy. The story explores the life of Gloria, a character who, despite possessing all the essentials for happiness—love, a rewarding […]

Exploring the Mystical Bonds in The Soul’s Confluence

The Soul’s Confluence, a captivating webnovel available on Neovel, masterfully blends elements of fantasy and romance into a narrative rich with intrigue and emotional depth. Authored by Mab, creatively directed by Stephan BOSCHAT, and refined through the literary oversight of Angélique DAMMEKENS and proofreading by Axelle WASIER, this tale probes deep into themes of life, […]