webtoons and novels production

To capture all the magic of storytelling, Flibusk tirelessly seeks new talent and supports authors in their creativity. Our content creation process begins with the creators themselves. To ensure their stories touch readers’ hearts, all Flibusk teams work closely with authors, from concept development to final realization. For new talents dreaming of their debut, we offer bold support and targeted investments. As for established authors seeking renewal, we provide expert and personalized assistance.

content distribution

Flibusk creates a direct link between authors and readers, from the planning phase to serialization on various platforms. We offer a wide range of works to satisfy all tastes: from modern romance to fantasy, including drama, BL and GL stories for a female audience, as well as action, martial arts, thrillers, and comics for a male readership. Our mission is to discover, plan, produce, and distribute varied works, covering different genres, themes, and formats, to meet the expectations of a diverse audience.

Global Reach

Flibusk is a leader in promoting  webtoons and novels worldwide. Our network extends across all continents, with strong connections in Asia and the Americas. However, our most comprehensive presence is in Europe, where we have established partnerships in every country.

From major comic markets to emerging scenes, Flibusk’s works are finding enthusiastic audiences globally. We collaborate with local publishers and digital platforms to ensure our stories reach readers in their native languages.

Flibusk’s global strategy goes beyond distribution. We actively engage in cultural exchange, participating in international conventions and fostering collaborations between artists from different countries. Through these worldwide connections, we’re not just sharing stories – we’re building bridges between cultures, one comic at a time.

IP : Intellectual Property

In recent years, the acronym IP has evolved from its traditional meaning of Internet Protocol to commonly represent Intellectual Property rights – the copyright of creative works including literature, art, design, and music. At Flibusk, we specialize in IP management, overseeing a diverse portfolio of over 500 comic and graphic novel properties.

Our expertise extends to various IP expansion projects, encompassing movie adaptations, TV series based on comics and webtoons, video games, live performances, publishing ventures, and merchandise production. We forge strong partnerships with leading film and television production companies to ensure successful IP expansion. Every year, Flibusk participates in pitching events both domestically and internationally to showcase our wide array of works and explore new opportunities.

At Flibusk, we don’t just manage IP – we create it. The possibilities for IP expansion are limitless. Well-crafted IPs like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, and the Marvel universe have achieved global recognition. These properties began as characters, novels, and comics respectively, but have since captivated consumers through movies, games, and animations.

Flibusk is actively planning and developing ‘Flibusk Original IP’ – properties designed for expansion across various media platforms. Our ultimate goal is to become a production powerhouse with global killer IPs that resonate with audiences not just in our home market, but worldwide.