The Soul’s Confluence

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Webnovel overview

A webnovel combining historical romance and espionage with a touch of mystery, by Lucile Guyot, Zakaria Khali and Florence Da Silva, all based on a concept imagined by Stephan Boschat, co-founder and president of the MAKMA studio.

While Lucile Guyot brings to life a historical romance steeped in mystery, the plot takes shape under the watchful eye of Florence Da Silva, proofreader. Her role is to refine each chapter as it passes through Lucile’s hands. Together, they craft a story ready to transport readers to 18th-century Paris.

Two souls bound together by accident

For the inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Flooded Lands, death is viewed as a disgrace and those who play with the frail boundary between life and demise are ostracised.

This doesn’t deter Arawn, a young and lonely necromancer, from journeying tirelessly throughout the Kingdom to free the tormented souls neglected by the living. But his routine is turned upside down when he finds his soul inexplicably linked to the one of none other than the heir apparent of the royal family. Forced into an unlikely alliance , the two men who have nothing in common, find themselves entangled in a tumultuous and passionate relationship amidst spectres of old traumas and the echoes of the past. As they strive to break their bond, they uncover a sprawling conspiracy, realising that they’ve been drawn into a much wider web of intrigue. And the soldiers are searching for the prince on the run, they  may not be the only ones tracking the footsteps of these two young men…

Fantasy, Romance




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