Unveiling Zeitnot: A Strategic Play on Neovel

Zeitnot is a cleverly crafted webnovel that intricately weaves the themes of chess into a teenage drama filled with romance, ambition, and the dilemmas of loyalty. Orchestrated by Edmond TOURRIOL and penned by Talia TOURRIOL, with literary oversight by Angélique DAMMEKENS and attentive proofreading by Laura QUENSON, this story is set to captivate a broad audience, from teen drama lovers to strategy enthusiasts. The novel is currently available for readers on the Neovel platform since march 2024.


Zeitnot revolves around 16-year-old Tristana, whose sole ambition is to gain admission to the prestigious High School Ausone. Immersed in her studies and often sidelining her social life, she faces criticism from her friends at Clovis High School. They see in her a potential chess prodigy who could elevate their club’s status. When Tristana discovers that the key to Ausone’s doors is winning their annual Five Stars Tournament—a renowned chess competition—her hesitation wanes. Yet, aligning herself with Ausone is treacherous, given the longstanding animosity between the two schools. Determined, Tristana makes a covert pact with César, the kingpin of the rival school, setting the board for a story of strategic alliances and hidden motives.

A Game of Minds and Hearts

In Zeitnot (a chess term for being low on time), every move Tristana makes is critical, mirroring the intense pressure of a dwindling clock in a high-stakes chess match. Her journey is not just about chess but also about navigating the complex relationships and rivalries that define her world. As she strategizes every move, she must also guard against exposing her duplicity to her old friends while managing the magnetic pull of César’s charm.

Strategic Storytelling

This webnovel not only entertains but also enlightens, teaching the finer points of chess strategies through the trials and tribulations of its characters. It serves as a metaphor for the strategic decisions we all must make in life, emphasizing that, like in chess, every decision has consequences, and every sacrifice has its price.

Capturing a Wide Audience

Zeitnot is poised to resonate widely, appealing to those who appreciate the depth of chess and the drama of adolescent life. Its weekly release schedule on Neovel ensures that readers are consistently engaged, eagerly anticipating each new chapter’s revelations and twists.

As Tristana maneuvers through the complexities of her decisions and their repercussions, readers are drawn into a narrative that is as much about personal growth as it is about achieving one’s dreams. With its rich character development and compelling plot, Zeitnot stands out as a novel that beautifully marries the intellectual rigor of chess with the emotional rollercoaster of teenage life. This webnovel promises to be a fascinating addition to Neovel’s diverse offerings, capturing hearts and minds with each calculated move.