IP Creation

At Flibusk, we capture the essence of each idea to transform it into captivating stories. We support creators from initial concepts to execution, offering constant support and investing in promising talents. Our goal is to bring forth stories that resonate globally.

IP Distribution

Flibusk connects creators with audiences. We guide works from initial development to distribution across various platforms, ensuring each story finds its ideal place to reach its target audience. Our portfolio includes a diversity of genres and formats, thereby maximizing their reach and impact.

International Sales

Active on the international scene, Flibusk extends the reach of its IPs beyond borders. We leverage strategic partnerships and innovative platforms to introduce our creations to key markets worldwide, increasing their visibility and international accessibility.

IP Management

At Flibusk, we look beyond creation. We manage and valorize our IPs through various avenues such as filmmaking, TV series, video games, and more. Our aim is to maximize the potential of each IP to become a globally recognized and sustainable brand.