Welcome to Flibusk Children’s Books, where the magic of storytelling meets the wonder of childhood imagination. Our collection of children’s books spans both digital platforms such as Nabook and traditional paper formats, providing delightful stories for young readers to enjoy.

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Enter the magical world of Flibusk children’s books with titles such as Sweetie Chesnut and Baltazar and the Dream Eraser. These popular IPs are part of Flibusk’s commitment to creating innovative and original projects for young audiences. Through these stories, we explore beautiful values that we want to instil in our children, while capturing their imagination with engaging narratives and vibrant illustrations.

Audience and values

Our children’s books are designed with both children and parents in mind. They are invaluable tools for parents looking for stories that not only entertain, but also teach important life lessons. The meticulously crafted illustrations not only captivate young readers, but also evoke nostalgia in parents, reminding them of their own childhood adventures. At Flibusk, we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire and educate, and our children’s books are a testament to that belief.

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Capture the imagination of young readers with our enchanting children’s books, where every page is a gateway to adventure and wonder. With titles such as Baltazar and the Dream Eraser and Sweetie Chesnut, our children’s catalogue promises hours of enjoyment for readers of all ages. Join us on a journey through the pages of Flibusk children’s books and discover the joy of storytelling that transcends generations.