Welcome to Flibusk, where creativity knows no bounds and storytelling takes centre stage. The name “Flibusk” itself is not just a playful reference to the filibuster, but also embodies the adventurous and innovative spirit of those bold adventurers of the past who broke new ground and defied convention. Founded by Edmond Tourriol and Stephan Boschat, the visionary minds behind MAKMA, Flibusk is emerging as a beacon of innovation in creative content development. Our mission? To breathe life into Intellectual Properties (IPs) that transcend conventional boundaries and offer a wealth of narratives in a variety of formats. Guided by the belief that every story deserves to be told and every voice deserves to be heard, we’ve cultivated a diverse range of IPs, each bearing the hallmark of our unwavering commitment to quality and originality.

Explore the diverse world of Flibusk IPs

Step into our realm where creativity knows no bounds and innovation thrives. Flibusk’s repertoire spans a rich tapestry of genres and themes, meticulously crafted to resonate with diverse audiences. From pulse-pounding adventures to heartwarming tales of friendship and romance, our IPs encompass narratives that reflect the kaleidoscope of human emotions and experiences.

A glimpse of our multi-format offering

Dive into our treasure trove of creative endeavours, where each format offers a unique lens through which to experience our stories. Whether you’re drawn to the immersive depths of webnovels, the vibrant visuals of webtoons, the timeless appeal of mangas/BD/comics or the enchanting world of children’s books, Flibusk has something to pique your interest. Explore our curated catalogue, each title promising an unforgettable journey into the realms of imagination.

Webnovels: Embark on an adventure through the pages of our webnovels, where intricate plots and dynamic characters beckon. From the strategic intrigue of Zeitnot to the gripping drama of Last Seduxxion, our webnovels cover a wide range of genres, including thriller, fantasy, romance and horror, ensuring there’s something to appeal to readers of all interests. Immerse yourself in the enchanting mysteries of Gloria & the Spurls and the chilling thrills of Zombies vs. Zombies, among other captivating titles. With each webnovel promising an immersive experience, prepare to be transported to worlds beyond your imagination through the rich storytelling of Flibusk.

Webtoons: Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals of our growing catalogue of webtoons, where artistry and storytelling combine to create an immersive experience like no other. With the popular Z United and titles such as Gloria & the Spurls and Last Seduxxion lined up for adaptation, prepare to be transported to worlds beyond your wildest dreams.

Mangas/BD/Comics: Experience the magic of storytelling brought to life through the dynamic medium of mangas, BDs and comics. From pulse-pounding action to thought-provoking drama, our Mangas/BD/Comics catalogue offers a diverse range of stories to explore and enjoy.

Children’s Books: Ignite the imagination of young readers with our enchanting children’s books, where every page is a gateway to adventure and wonder. With titles such as Baltazar and the Dream Eraser and Sweetie Chesnut, our children’s catalogue promises hours of enjoyment for readers of all ages.

Looking to the future : Continuing our creative odyssey

But our journey doesn’t end here. With a host of projects in the pipeline and plans to adapt some of our existing IPs into new formats, the future of Flibusk is full of possibilities. As we continue to push the boundaries of storytelling and explore new avenues of expression, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure. Rest assured, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and pushing creative boundaries.

Get in touch with us

Join us on a journey into the boundless realm of imagination. Whether you’re an experienced storyteller looking to bring your vision to life or an avid reader eager to explore new worlds, Flibusk welcomes you with open arms. If any of our IPs have caught your eye, or if you’re interested in collaborating with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply visit our Contact Us page, fill out the form, and let’s chart a course towards a future where creativity knows no bounds and storytelling reigns supreme.