Versailles Whispers: The Lovers of Chevalier d’Éon

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Versailles Whispers: The Lovers of Chevalier d’Éon, a webnovel blending historical romance and espionage with a touch of mystery, by Lucile Guyot, Zakaria Khali and Florence Da Silva, all based on a concept imagined by Stephan Boschat, co-founder and president of MAKMA studio and IKOÏ studio.

While Lucile Guyot brings to life a historical romance steeped in mystery, the plot takes shape under the watchful eye of Florence Da Silva, proofreader. Her role is to refine each chapter as it passes through Lucile’s hands. Together, they craft a story ready to transport readers to 18th-century Paris.

Impossible loves and court intrigue

In 1756 In the illustrious court of King Louis XV at Versailles, France, the talk of the court is Chevalier Charles d’Éon de Beaumont, an enigmatic figure whose androgynous charm and sharp intellect captivate all who encounter him.

Alexandre is 21 years old. For the past three years, he has served the chevalier with unwavering loyalty while silently mourning an impossible love for his master.At times, he dares to hope for more as he witnesses their bond deepen, only to be plagued by the fear of being replaced by someone more intriguing. How could such a divine being be interested in a common squire?

When the King dispatches them to Saint Petersburg on a covert mission, they cross paths with Gaïa Vassilievna Parchoukova, a captivating yet dangerous woman whose presence threatens to unravel their carefully maintained facade. When reality calls their hearts to order, the masks come off, and they know that when they return to Versailles, nothing could ever be the same again.

Romance, History
Lucile GUYOT
Literary supervisor



Florence DA SILVA