Zombies vs Zombies

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Zombies vs. Zombies is an innovative webnovel that began publication in March 2024 on the Neovel digital platform. It tackles current issues such as discrimination, racism and the abuse of power without weighing down the narrative, and presents the zombie apocalypse in a completely different way: in this story, Man (first the insurgent sorcerers, then Colonel Rodin) consciously decides to exploit the figure of the zombie as a weapon of war to minimize his own losses, and reduce the risks, unaware that he is signing his own death certificate.

With its eye-catching in medias res opening, i.e. right in the middle of the action, its precise, in-depth descriptions, a gloomy setting that foreshadows the massacre and an innovative narrative angle, Zombies vs. Zombies is a webnovel that fans of horror stories will love.

Voodoo magic versus science!

Back in 1801 on the island of Saint-Domingue, brawls are raging between Napoleon’s invading forces and the local population made of freed slaves.

To repulse this conquest that is jeopardising their freedom, a voodoo sorcerer uses his ancestral knowledge to build an army of zombies, deceased human beings with no will of their own.

As this rebellion is overwhelming the French army, an ambitious and ruthless colonel finds out how to bring the dead back to life thanks to Carlos, a strange semi-insane man. The routed soldiers have now acquired an unstoppable military power capable of crushing the insurgents. But this power could pose an even greater threat to both sides.

Caught up in this macabre storm, Ludovic Cottin, a young enlisted man in the French ranks, will have to fight for his life and that of his unit, while learning to distinguish where the real evil lies.

Horror, History


Arnold PETIT
Literary supervisor



Florence DA SILVA