Welcome to Flibusk Mangas, BD & Comics, where storytelling leaps off the page through vibrant illustrations and compelling narratives. In addition to our diverse range of webnovels, webtoons and children’s books, we are pleased to offer a number of print projects that appeal to a wide audience.

Discover our IPs and projects

Flibusk brings you a variety of Mangas, BD & Comics projects designed to be printed on paper. As with our other formats, these cover a variety of genres and target different audiences, with a particular focus on young readers who appreciate the visual aspect of storytelling.

A notable BD in our catalogue at the moment is “La Brigade des Inventifs”. This exciting story, born from the imagination of Stephan Boschat and brought to life with the help of Edmond Tourriol, Julie Baraké, Sam Ménétrier and Frédéric Vigneau, introduces readers to a group of ingenious superheroes who rely on their wits rather than their superpowers. Thanks to a successful campaign on Ulule, this project came to fruition, allowing children to embark on fantastic adventures within its pages. It’s a journey full of excitement and discovery!
While “La Brigade des Inventifs” currently graces our catalogue, stay tuned for more exciting projects to come! Other Mangas, BD & Comics are currently in production, so we invite you to stay tuned for the IPs that will be released in this format in the future.

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