LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore: Camy’s fantasies

LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore are two artbooks created from scratch by Camy. These are artbooks in which she shares her uninhibited fantasies. Self-taught in the art of drawing, over the years she has progressed steadily, sharing her sketches on the Internet with increasing success. That is, until Flibusk discovered her, and decided to join her on a great adventure.

Through her artbooks, Camy brings us a collection of her best drawings of daring, discovered women.

A success that lived up to expectations

LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore is as much a love story between Flibusk and Camy’s work as it is an enormous amount of support from Internet users. An Ulule campaign was launched in 2018, and ended with 250 contributions and a total of 316% of its main objective. Since the completion of the Ulule campaign, these two sketchbooks have been available both in bookshops and on our site, with the exclusive Romantic Hardcore, even more demonstrative than LovEroticArt.

LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore, features that sublimate erotism

The books are a compilation of pencil illustrations. Mostly monochrome, this doesn’t prevent our artist from occasionally using touches of color to enhance Camy’s line. Taking advantage of her drawing experience, she plays with shading, hair movements and the volumes of her character, offering an assortment of positions and perspectives that enhance the drawing. As the pages unfold, we explore a little more of the author’s fantasies, gradually revealing more of her secret garden to the reader. But it’s in her second work, Romantique Hardcore, that Camy really unleashes her pen, at the same time as removing the shackles of her most intimate fantasies.