Discover Sweetie Chesnut: An Ode to Autumn’s Charms

In the autumn breeze of November 2015, Denis Lapierre unveiled his first children’s book, Sweetie Chesnut. This charming story tells of the adventures of a brave chestnut who embarks on a whimsical journey through an enchanted forest. The genesis of this enchanting adventure was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign launched on Ulule in May of that year.

A fruitful patronage

Our deepest gratitude goes to the generous patrons who recognised the treasure trove that Denis Lapierre was about to unveil in this universally appealing comic strip. Their support not only demonstrated their belief in Lapierre’s vision, but also underscored the potential of this IP to resonate deeply with audiences. The little curious chestnut, with its innate ability to elicit sympathy, is a testament to the inherent charm of the story. After an auspicious debut, the saga continues to unfold with ‘Châtaigne et les Zombinions‘ in 2017, ‘Le peuple Châtaigne’ in 2019 and the latest instalment, ‘Châtaigne et Marron‘ in 2022. Bolstered by an enduring collaboration with MAKMA spanning over two decades, the trajectory of Lapierre’s creative endeavours is undeniably one of triumph.

Sweetie Chesnut, masterpiece unfolds

During the idle months of summer, Denis Lapierre revealed his fondness for sketching in the green embrace of his arboreal sanctuary, a setting ripe for inspiration.

It is against this fertile backdrop that he breathes life into his comic strip. Drawing on a rich tapestry of experience from works such as “Firefist“, “Hosor et Vasquez” and “Le Tour des Crocs“, Lapierre brings depth and nuance to his children’s comics. As a passionate defender of nature, Lapierre naturally draws inspiration from the untamed wilderness for the inhabitants of his comics, all of whom come from the enchanting realm of the forest. Adorned with meticulously crafted watercolour illustrations, Sweetie Chesnut’s visuals will not only captivate young readers, but will also evoke nostalgia in parents, reminding them of their own childhood adventures.These illustrations, combined with the endearing character of Sweetie Chesnut, make for an irresistible combination that invites you to take part in the idyllic meanderings of the countryside.

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