The Chessboard of Destiny in Zeitnot

Embark on a mesmerising journey with Tristana, a determined 16-year-old whose singular ambition is to secure a coveted spot at the prestigious Ausone High School. In this captivating webnovel, Tristana’s consistent focus on academics leads her to inevitably neglect her social circle and extracurricular activities, much to the displeasure of her peers at Clovis High School, who covet her intellect for their chess club.

However, when Tristana stumbles upon the gateway to Ausone, the Five Stars Tournament, an annual chess event of unparalleled prestige, her hesitations evaporate. Yet, dealing with the flaming fields of inter-school rivalry proves to be no easy task. How will she balance her newfound passion with her allegiances at Clovis, especially when the historic animosity between the two institutions threatens to derail her aspirations?

In a tale replete with intrigue and moral complexity, Tristana finds herself at a crossroads, forced to weigh her ambitions against the bonds of friendship. Will she emerge triumphant in her quest for acceptance into Ausone? Will she be able to conceal her clandestine alliance with César, the enigmatic leader of the opposing faction? And amidst the chaos, will she succumb to the irresistible charm of her unlikely ally?

Moreover each character, whether it’s Tristana, her sister, her classmates, or even students from Ausone High School, is driven by their own struggles and desires, contributing to a complex and fascinating web.

Released as a webnovel on the online platform Neovel in March 2024, this IP combines teenage drama, chess matches, romance and dilemmas between ambition and loyalty, promising to be suitable for a young consumer audience in various formats and to appeal to a wide audience, from fans of teen drama to strategy enthusiasts.