Zombies vs Zombies: Unravelling the Miasma of Evil

Step back into the tumultuous year of 1801, where the island of Saint-Domingue becomes the battleground for a gripping conflict between Napoleon’s invading forces and the local populace, predominantly composed of emancipated slaves.

Zombies vs Zombies immerses readers in a world teetering on the brink of conquest, where the fight for freedom drives a voodoo sorcerer to employ his ancient wisdom in the creation of an army of zombies, individuals stripped of their own will.

As the French army finds itself increasingly overwhelmed by this unyielding resistance, the narrative unfolds with the revelation of a dreadful discovery: a method to resurrect the deceased, orchestrated by an ambitious and machiavellian colonel, with the enigmatic and mad Carlos at the heart of this sinister revelation.

Progressively, readers will follow the journey of Ludovic Cottin, a young soldier in the ranks of the French army. His struggle for survival intertwines with a deeper exploration of morality, as he grapples with the looming spectre of true malevolence amidst the chaos of war.

In the midst of the gripping conflict depicted in Zombies vs Zombies the tale delves into themes that resonate with contemporary issues such as discrimination, racism, and abuse of power. However, rather than merely serving as backdrop, these themes are seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of the story, enriching the narrative without overwhelming it.

One of the most intriguing aspects explored in the tale is the concept of zombies as opposed to zombies. Here, the traditional portrayal of zombies as mindless creatures takes on a new dimension as individuals, initially the voodoo sorcerer and later the cunning Colonel Rodin, consciously exploit the undead as weapons of war to mitigate their own losses and reduce risks. Little do they know, this manipulation will ultimately seal their own fate, underscoring the intricate complexities of power dynamics and the consequences of hubris, excessive self-confidence, amidst the chaos of war.

Zombies vs Zombies not only reimagines the zombie apocalypse narrative but also challenges readers to contemplate the darker aspects of human nature and the consequences of wielding power recklessly. Released as a webnovel on the digital platform Neovel in March 2024, this versatile IP holds the potential for adaptation into various formats, promising to engage audiences across different mediums.