Exclusive interview with the creative team behind Gloria and the Spurls

Today we have the pleasure of talking to Zak Khali, author of the innovative webnovel Gloria and the Spurls. Zakaria will be representing the entire creative team behind the series, including project creators Stephan Boschat and Gloria Jensen. This captivating series is brought to life by a talented group of creators and writers who have combined their skills to create a unique reading experience. Let’s dive into our conversation with Zak Khali to learn more about this extraordinary project.

The webnovel team

Project Creators: Stephan BOSCHAT & Gloria JENSEN
Webnovelist: Zak KHALI
Content Review: Stephan BOSCHAT & Gloria JENSEN
Literary control: Angélique DAMMEKENS
Proofreading: Catherine YAN

Interview with Zak KHALI

Could you start by defining in a few words what a Spurl is?

Zak Khali: A spurl is an imaginary creature whose purpose is to help the person it accompanies on their journey of self-discovery.

Is this webnovel a critique? If so, to whom is it addressed?

Zak Khali: This webnovel is not a critique. It’s more of a call for introspection and reflection. The goal is to show that change is possible, but often, such change must come from within, no matter how challenging that may be.

Are there other Spurls who will appear in the story?

Zak Khali: Yes, other Spurls will make their appearance as the story progresses.

How can readers relate to Gloria?

Zak Khali: Gloria is an ordinary person. She has dreams and passions that she struggles to pursue because she is trapped in a situation that eventually leads to burnout. I think countless people have experienced similar circumstances. Gloria doesn’t have magical powers or extraordinary abilities. She’s a 27-year-old woman who discovers little imaginary creatures that help her gain clarity in her life and work out how she wants to change things. The spurls add an element of fantasy, but the essence of the story is that we all have the ability to break free from the constraints we find ourselves in and find our purpose in life.

How would you describe the tone and atmosphere of the series and how do they contribute to the overall experience for the reader?

Zak Khali: I would describe the tone of the series as contemplative or dreamlike. Rather than experiencing fast-paced adventures in the real world, Gloria lives them in her mind, accompanied by the Spurls. She discovers herself through worlds that reflect what she has lived or will live. Each of these worlds has its own symbolism. By injecting this touch of imagination into the story, we aim to entertain the reader while encouraging them to see things from a different perspective.

What do you think is the most important message of this webnovel?

Zak Khali: For me, the main message of the webnovel is that each of us is the creator of our own happiness. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy process. It takes patience and a willingness to accept certain truths about yourself in order to move forward and achieve your goals.

Finally, is there a second season planned for this webnovel? Can you give us a preview of what readers can expect in the next season of Gloria and the Spurls?

Zak Khali: Yes, a second season is planned. All I can say is that Gloria is still full of surprises and has much to discover about her purpose in life. But the Spurls will be there to lend her a hand…

A big thank you to Zak Khali and the entire team behind Gloria and the Spurls for sharing their insights and for their dedication to bringing this enchanting webnovel to life. Stay tuned for more magical moments with Gloria and her Spurls, and if you haven’t read it yet, this captivating series is available on the digital platform Neovel.