Dive into the writing of Z United Season 2 with Talia Tourriol

Discover the behind-the-scenes creation of Z United Season 2 with Talia Tourriol. She shares her sources of inspiration, the challenges faced, and the significant developments of the characters that bring this captivating sports webtoon to life.

For Talia Tourriol, writing Season 2 of Z United was a true journey back in time, revisiting her own adolescence. She explains, “It was like diving back into my teenage years“, highlighting how this period of her life influenced her writing. To fuel her imagination, Talia revisited her school memories, her moments playing club football, and interactions with her friends.

She didn’t hesitate to draw from various sources to enrich her story. Her brother, a football player, helped by sharing typical locker room chants, while a friend provided imitations of sports commentators to make her dialogues more lively. Football mangas like Captain Tsubasa and Angel Voice also served as a valuable source of inspiration for the match scenes.

Talia Tourriol, writer of Z United Season 2
Talia TOURRIOL, author of Z United.

One of Talia’s biggest challenges was to portray the sports scenes clearly and engagingly. For someone used to focusing on the characters’ emotions and relationships, this task proved complex. She confides, “The sports scenes were difficult to write because you need to understand what happens in an action to break it down into panels while making it explicit and understandable.

Season 2 begins on a dramatic note with significant changes within the team. Majid and coach Adrien leave Z United, forcing Hugo to take over the team’s leadership. Simultaneously, the characters face the challenges of starting high school, a pivotal period that marks their progression toward adulthood. Hugo must learn to manage the team and assert himself, while Sacha breaks away from parental expectations to pursue his own dreams. Majid discovers the importance of focusing on himself. On the other hand, Laura and Geoffrey experience more tumultuous times, reflecting the complexities of adolescence.

Extract from the Z United webtoon.

The romance elements are also well integrated into the main plot. The deep friendship between Hugo and Sacha naturally evolves into a romantic relationship, while Laura navigates her feelings between Majid and Geoffrey. According to Talia, “Friendship is also a form of love“, facilitating the integration of these stories into the webtoon.

Fans’ reactions have been mixed. Some appreciated the characters’ development, while others missed the sports action. Although Talia had completed the season’s writing before publication, she took note of the feedback to potentially adjust future stories. She used cliffhangers to maintain readers’ interest, creating suspense at the end of each episode.

The collaboration with illustrator Albert Carreres was particularly enriching. Talia had to adapt her writing style to communicate effectively with him, often using sketches or screenshots to illustrate her ideas. Albert added significant value with his detailed sketches and creative perspectives, especially in the football scenes where the action was particularly dynamic.

Z United continues to convey strong messages of solidarity and friendship. Despite tensions and challenges, the characters remain united, illustrating the power of camaraderie and teamwork.

In conclusion, Z United Season 2 offers a rich and authentic exploration of the challenges of adolescence, relationships, and personal growth. Talia Tourriol skillfully blends sports, romance, and friendship, providing readers with a captivating story. Fans can expect even more sports action in a potential Season 3, promising ever more exciting adventures for the characters of Z United. Discover the first 2 seasons on the Neovel platform!