Exclusive interview with the creative team behind Gloria and the Spurls

Last Seduxxion: Uncovering the truth behind appearances

Have you ever felt like an imposter, struggling to navigate a world where appearances are everything and social pressures feel overwhelming? If so, you’re not alone. This feeling is at the heart of Last Seduxxion, a gripping webnovel on the digital platform Neovel that delves deep into its characters’ inner struggles and search for identity. The Plot Last Seduxxion introduces us to Sarah, an elite university student who seems to have it all – beauty, charm, athleticism and confidence. Everyone falls for her magnetic personality. But her perfect facade begins to crack when she accepts a daring challenge from her childhood friend and rival, Lila. The task? To seduce Jules, a reclusive geek with secrets of his own. When Sarah faces a stinging rejection, her self-esteem is shattered. Convinced that Jules is only attracted to intellectual girls, she sets out to completely reinvent herself. With the help of her younger sister Loïse, a geek herself, Sarah embarks on a transformative journey. Together, they create a new persona that Sarah believes will capture Jules’ attention and heart. This mission forces Sarah to confront not only her identity, but also her values and sense of self. A journey of self-discovery Sarah’s journey isn’t just about winning a challenge; it’s about self-discovery and growth. As she navigates the social masquerades, she faces fundamental questions about her true self. The webnovel explores themes of self-esteem, popularity and the pressure to perform, both mentally and physically. Complex interactions and deep reflections Last Seduxxion is rich in complex interactions that add layers to the already intricate plot. The relationships and dynamics between the characters offer unique insights into social structures and family ties. At its core, the story reflects deeply on identity and authenticity, questioning the true nature of being oneself in a world obsessed with appearances. Beyond a love story On the surface, Last Seduxxion may appear to be a typical romance, but it’s much more than that. It’s a profound exploration of the inner struggles and searches for identity that many of us face at different points in our lives. Sarah’s experiences and the challenges she faces will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the need to wear a mask to fit in or prove their worth. Avaibility Last Seduxxion is available on Neovel, a digital platform offering a wide range of web novels. Immerse yourself in this captivating series and join Sarah on her transformative journey as she learns to reconcile the facade she presents to the world with her true self.

Exploring the Mystical Bonds in The Soul’s Confluence

The Soul’s Confluence, a captivating webnovel available on Neovel, masterfully blends elements of fantasy and romance into a narrative rich with intrigue and emotional depth. Authored by Mab, creatively directed by Stephan BOSCHAT, and refined through the literary oversight of Angélique DAMMEKENS and proofreading by Axelle WASIER, this tale probes deep into themes of life, death, and the ethereal connections that bind us.   A Realm Defined by Its Fear of Death Set in the Kingdom of the Flooded Lands, where death is viewed not merely as an end but a disgrace, the story introduces us to Arawn, a solitary necromancer. Arawn’s life mission is extraordinary; he traverses the kingdom to liberate forsaken souls. This portrayal of a land that vilifies death adds a profound cultural layer to the narrative, providing a stark backdrop against which the story’s drama unfolds.   An Unlikely Connection The plot takes a dramatic turn when Arawn discovers that his soul is mysteriously linked to that of the royal family’s heir. This unexpected twist thrusts him into a precarious alliance with the prince, setting the stage for a complex relationship. The contrast between Arawn’s solitary, rogue existence and the prince’s nobility enriches the narrative, offering a profound exploration of how opposites can both attract and repel. A Tumultuous Journey of Love and Conspiracy As the two protagonists navigate their newfound connection, they battle personal demons and past traumas, while also confronting a grand conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of their world. Their journey is about seeking freedom from their bond as well as understanding the broader political machinations at play. The romantic tension and high stakes intertwine, creating a gripping tale of love amidst chaos. Themes of Destiny and Self-Discovery The Soul’s Confluence excels at weaving themes of destiny, self-discovery, and the power of unseen forces. As Arawn and the prince unravel the layers of their bond and the secrets of their realm, they embark on a deeper exploration of their own identities and purposes. This introspective journey is mirrored in the novel’s rich, descriptive prose, which vividly brings to life the ethereal and the ghostly. With its intricate plot, emotional depth, and fantastical elements, The Soul’s Confluence stands out as a profound addition to the fantasy romance genre. It invites readers into a world where the boundaries between life and death are both literal and metaphorical, where every heartbeat and whispered secret carries the weight of centuries. For those enchanted by the interplay of shadowy magic and human desires, this webnovel promises a journey as unpredictable as it is unforgettable.  

The Chessboard of Destiny in Zeitnot

Embark on a mesmerising journey with Tristana, a determined 16-year-old whose singular ambition is to secure a coveted spot at the prestigious Ausone High School. In this captivating webnovel, Tristana’s consistent focus on academics leads her to inevitably neglect her social circle and extracurricular activities, much to the displeasure of her peers at Clovis High School, who covet her intellect for their chess club. However, when Tristana stumbles upon the gateway to Ausone, the Five Stars Tournament, an annual chess event of unparalleled prestige, her hesitations evaporate. Yet, dealing with the flaming fields of inter-school rivalry proves to be no easy task. How will she balance her newfound passion with her allegiances at Clovis, especially when the historic animosity between the two institutions threatens to derail her aspirations? In a tale replete with intrigue and moral complexity, Tristana finds herself at a crossroads, forced to weigh her ambitions against the bonds of friendship. Will she emerge triumphant in her quest for acceptance into Ausone? Will she be able to conceal her clandestine alliance with César, the enigmatic leader of the opposing faction? And amidst the chaos, will she succumb to the irresistible charm of her unlikely ally? Moreover each character, whether it’s Tristana, her sister, her classmates, or even students from Ausone High School, is driven by their own struggles and desires, contributing to a complex and fascinating web. Released as a webnovel on the online platform Neovel in March 2024, this IP combines teenage drama, chess matches, romance and dilemmas between ambition and loyalty, promising to be suitable for a young consumer audience in various formats and to appeal to a wide audience, from fans of teen drama to strategy enthusiasts.

Zombies vs Zombies: Unravelling the Miasma of Evil

Step back into the tumultuous year of 1801, where the island of Saint-Domingue becomes the battleground for a gripping conflict between Napoleon’s invading forces and the local populace, predominantly composed of emancipated slaves. Zombies vs Zombies immerses readers in a world teetering on the brink of conquest, where the fight for freedom drives a voodoo sorcerer to employ his ancient wisdom in the creation of an army of zombies, individuals stripped of their own will. As the French army finds itself increasingly overwhelmed by this unyielding resistance, the narrative unfolds with the revelation of a dreadful discovery: a method to resurrect the deceased, orchestrated by an ambitious and machiavellian colonel, with the enigmatic and mad Carlos at the heart of this sinister revelation. Progressively, readers will follow the journey of Ludovic Cottin, a young soldier in the ranks of the French army. His struggle for survival intertwines with a deeper exploration of morality, as he grapples with the looming spectre of true malevolence amidst the chaos of war. In the midst of the gripping conflict depicted in Zombies vs Zombies the tale delves into themes that resonate with contemporary issues such as discrimination, racism, and abuse of power. However, rather than merely serving as backdrop, these themes are seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of the story, enriching the narrative without overwhelming it. One of the most intriguing aspects explored in the tale is the concept of zombies as opposed to zombies. Here, the traditional portrayal of zombies as mindless creatures takes on a new dimension as individuals, initially the voodoo sorcerer and later the cunning Colonel Rodin, consciously exploit the undead as weapons of war to mitigate their own losses and reduce risks. Little do they know, this manipulation will ultimately seal their own fate, underscoring the intricate complexities of power dynamics and the consequences of hubris, excessive self-confidence, amidst the chaos of war. Zombies vs Zombies not only reimagines the zombie apocalypse narrative but also challenges readers to contemplate the darker aspects of human nature and the consequences of wielding power recklessly. Released as a webnovel on the digital platform Neovel in March 2024, this versatile IP holds the potential for adaptation into various formats, promising to engage audiences across different mediums.

Karma’s Grip : Unravelling Spiritual Retribution in Alligator Queen

Prepare to be captivated by the dark and mystical tale of Alligator Queen, a gripping webnovel set against the backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans. As young Isabella ‘Bella’ Bardeaux returns to the city she once called home, she finds herself thrust into a whirlwind of spirituality, crime, violence, and the ever-present spectre of racism. Haunted by the memories of her past and the city’s turbulent history, Bella embarks on a journey of rediscovery, reconnecting with a family she barely knows and immersing herself in the enigmatic allure of New Orleans’ music, mysteries, and darkness. But Bella’s homecoming takes a sinister turn when she is found dead in a graveyard on the bayou’s edge, the victim of a brutal altercation with a group of white racists. As her aunt pleads with the spirits of their ancestors for help, the powerful Baron Samedi refuses to bury her, leaving Bella’s fate hanging in the balance. With the police dismissing the case as unsolvable and refusing to investigate further, Bella’s people are left to navigate the treacherous waters of justice and retribution on her own. And as the protective spirits of the graveyard demand vengeance for the injustice done to her, Bella finds herself drawn into a world of ancient powers and cosmic justice, where karma reigns supreme and the sins of the past cannot be ignored. Released on April 4th, 2024 as a webnovel on the online platform Neovel, this IP could also be an ideal candidate for adaptation into a TV series, film, or webtoon. Join us on a journey into the heart of darkness, where the lines between the physical and spiritual worlds blur, and where the struggle for justice takes on a supernatural dimension.  

Exploring the Enchanting World of Gloria and the Spurls

In the captivating webnovel Gloria and the Spurls, available on Neovel since its early 2024 release, readers are drawn into a beautifully crafted narrative that blends contemporary romance and slice-of-life realism with a touch of fantasy. The story explores the life of Gloria, a character who, despite possessing all the essentials for happiness—love, a rewarding career, and a dream apartment by the sea—grapples with disillusionment in her daily life. A Life Overcast with Shadows Gloria’s life, overshadowed by the pressures of a toxic boss and the demanding nature of her job at an art museum, illustrates the often-unseen struggles behind a seemingly perfect existence. The narrative highlights the stark contrast between appearances and reality, providing a deep dive into Gloria’s internal conflicts and the societal expectations that obscure her personal joy. Encounter with the Mysterious Spurls The turning point in Gloria’s routine life occurs when she discovers the Spurls, enigmatic creatures hidden within a spiral in an old hiking backpack. These shape-shifting beings, with their ambiguous nature, prompt questions about their reality and purpose. Are they figments of Gloria’s overworked imagination, or do they have a magical reality of their own? The novel skillfully keeps readers guessing about the true nature of these fantastical beings. The Spurls as Catalysts Whether real or imagined, the Spurls serve as catalysts in Gloria’s life, encouraging her to reevaluate her path and choices. The narrative interweaves these mystical creatures into the broader theme of personal transformation, exploring whether they are agents of chaos or guides aiding Gloria on her transformative journey. This element adds a layer of fantasy that enriches the otherwise realistic setting, offering a unique escape and deeper metaphorical significance to the protagonist’s everyday challenges. Blending Genres to Captivate a Diverse Audience Gloria and the Spurls stands out in the realm of webnovels by merging the grounded elements of everyday life with fantastical aspects, appealing to fans of romance, contemporary fiction, and fantasy alike. Its weekly installments on Neovel ensure that the story remains engaging and accessible, allowing the audience to connect with Gloria’s journey over time. As Gloria navigates through her life, intertwined with the mysterious influence of the Spurls, the novel invites readers to reflect on their own life challenges and the unseen forces that might be at play. With its unique combination of genres and themes, Gloria and the Spurls promises to be a refreshing and thought-provoking addition to the landscape of modern webnovels. This series not only offers an escape into a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur, but it also serves as a mirror reflecting the complexities of personal growth and the pursuit of happiness.

Discover Sweetie Chesnut: An Ode to Autumn’s Charms

In the autumn breeze of November 2015, Denis Lapierre unveiled his first children’s book, Sweetie Chesnut. This charming story tells of the adventures of a brave chestnut who embarks on a whimsical journey through an enchanted forest. The genesis of this enchanting adventure was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign launched on Ulule in May of that year. A fruitful patronage Our deepest gratitude goes to the generous patrons who recognised the treasure trove that Denis Lapierre was about to unveil in this universally appealing comic strip. Their support not only demonstrated their belief in Lapierre’s vision, but also underscored the potential of this IP to resonate deeply with audiences. The little curious chestnut, with its innate ability to elicit sympathy, is a testament to the inherent charm of the story. After an auspicious debut, the saga continues to unfold with ‘Châtaigne et les Zombinions‘ in 2017, ‘Le peuple Châtaigne’ in 2019 and the latest instalment, ‘Châtaigne et Marron‘ in 2022. Bolstered by an enduring collaboration with MAKMA spanning over two decades, the trajectory of Lapierre’s creative endeavours is undeniably one of triumph. Sweetie Chesnut, masterpiece unfolds During the idle months of summer, Denis Lapierre revealed his fondness for sketching in the green embrace of his arboreal sanctuary, a setting ripe for inspiration. It is against this fertile backdrop that he breathes life into his comic strip. Drawing on a rich tapestry of experience from works such as “Firefist“, “Hosor et Vasquez” and “Le Tour des Crocs“, Lapierre brings depth and nuance to his children’s comics. As a passionate defender of nature, Lapierre naturally draws inspiration from the untamed wilderness for the inhabitants of his comics, all of whom come from the enchanting realm of the forest. Adorned with meticulously crafted watercolour illustrations, Sweetie Chesnut’s visuals will not only captivate young readers, but will also evoke nostalgia in parents, reminding them of their own childhood adventures.These illustrations, combined with the endearing character of Sweetie Chesnut, make for an irresistible combination that invites you to take part in the idyllic meanderings of the countryside. If our talk on this IP has aroused your interest and you would like to acquire a copy, we invite you to browse through our catalogue right away!

LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore: Camy’s fantasies

LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore are two artbooks created from scratch by Camy. These are artbooks in which she shares her uninhibited fantasies. Self-taught in the art of drawing, over the years she has progressed steadily, sharing her sketches on the Internet with increasing success. That is, until Flibusk discovered her, and decided to join her on a great adventure. Through her artbooks, Camy brings us a collection of her best drawings of daring, discovered women. A success that lived up to expectations LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore is as much a love story between Flibusk and Camy’s work as it is an enormous amount of support from Internet users. An Ulule campaign was launched in 2018, and ended with 250 contributions and a total of 316% of its main objective. Since the completion of the Ulule campaign, these two sketchbooks have been available both in bookshops and on our site, with the exclusive Romantic Hardcore, even more demonstrative than LovEroticArt. LovEroticArt and Romantique Hardcore, features that sublimate erotism The books are a compilation of pencil illustrations. Mostly monochrome, this doesn’t prevent our artist from occasionally using touches of color to enhance Camy’s line. Taking advantage of her drawing experience, she plays with shading, hair movements and the volumes of her character, offering an assortment of positions and perspectives that enhance the drawing. As the pages unfold, we explore a little more of the author’s fantasies, gradually revealing more of her secret garden to the reader. But it’s in her second work, Romantique Hardcore, that Camy really unleashes her pen, at the same time as removing the shackles of her most intimate fantasies.